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Mr. James Bader is an Applicant Attorney specializing in Workers Compensation Law in Pomona, California. He specializes in giving personal service to his clients. He's also one of the few Applicant Attorneys that's a Workers Comp Lawyer who actually interviews the clients in person, attends all the depositions and attends all the hearings. He does not use Hearing Representatives or other non-attorney to work with his clients. He has a unique background in that 35 years ago he started out as an adjuster for a California Workers Compensation Insurance Company and learned to do the claims & learned how the insurance companies work. He then went to law school at night and later on passed the bar and began working as an attorney for insurance compaies. Several years after doing that he decided to open his own office and represent people that were injured at work because he felt that they often were not offered a fair deal and he also felt they were not being well represented by the Best Workers Compensation Lawyers in the Inland Empire. What's unique and different about Mr. Bader law office is that he has worked on both sides and has also worked with insurance companies. This experience has helped him win 99% of his cases and has helped his clients recover over 10 million in claim. Give him a call for a free consultation regarding your Workers Compensation Claim. 

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Meet The Team


James Bader

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Mr. Bader focuses almost exclusively on helping injured workers through the process of recovering from their on the job injury. His experience as an insurance claims adjuster and insurance defense attorney provide him the experience & knowledge that he needs to successfully win the majority of his cases. Mr. Bader takes great pride in being a hands on attorney that provides direct access to his clients. This combination of experience and personalized service is what separates him from any other Work Comp attorney. His #1 priority is to get you the compensation you deserve.  


Erika Martinez 

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Erika has been working alongside Mr Bader for 20 years. She is a Workers Comp expert and Mr Baders right hand, she is extremely involved from start to finish of a case.  She loves helping injured workers when they need her the most. She not only translates but she can answer majority of questions because of her experience. She's very hands on and takes great pride in customer satisfaction.   



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Andrea has been working with Mr Bader for over 5 years. She is in charge of reception, client relations and scheduling appointments for all clients with attorneys, doctors and courts. She takes great pride in making sure clients are satisfied with service.  

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